About us

Chautari Garden Resort(CGR) is located in a pristine natural environment on the edge of the Chitwan National Park, a wonder garden of paradise, managed by the team of the experts.

CGR offers you an excellent opportunity to view rare and endangered species in their rich natural habitat. The park is home to the endangered one-horned rhinoceros, tigers and the narrow-snouted gharial crocodile.

CGR is located between two villages of the Tharu Community, who traditionally consider themselves people of the forest. You’ll have a chance to meet with them and see how they live.

CGR guides are attentive and have good English skills, and are truly interested to share their culture, their knowledge of the wildlife and its fascinating habitat with you.

CGR rooms are large, clean and well furnished and bathrooms have modern plumbing and hot water to ensure you can relax comfortably after jungle and cultural explorations. The food and service is complete hygiene and much concert with organic product from local farmers.

Consider one of our all-inclusive packages to make travel to Chitwan simple, affordable and enjoyable.